Escape from Alcatraz

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This prison break drama is notable for it's setting, "The Rock" aka Alcatraz (if the films title didn't give that away). The infamous prison is a character in itself and the film makes it abundantly clear from the off that this is no ordinary prison. The isolated location is hard enough to get to let alone escape from and Patrick McGoohan's Warden just loves to make the inmates stay as unwelcome as possible. The feel spends time getting to know the prison, the the inmates and the way of life as Eastwood's Frank Morris, a master prison break artist, gets to know the joint inside and out, before making his plans for escape. The second half of the film see's him and a few other men put the plans into place and it is delivered with a real sense of tension. The ambiguous end was a happy necessity as well because this was a true story, the men who attempted this escape were never found, our heart says they made it across the waters, our heads fear they perished but for McGoohan it's almost the other way around.

Rating: 74

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