Lost in Translation

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Have you ever fallen in love? I have; every time I watch Lost in Translation. Words just don't even do it justice. I'm not even going to review the film, but I will offer some words. Needless to say it's one of my all time favourite films, it's a beautiful dream that I never want to end. It takes me to another place, lifts me out of the dirge that is my life and makes me desire for deeper connections with people. The soundtrack is bliss, Bill Murray is a legend, Scarlett Johansson is stunning and Japan is the number one country I want to visit in the world. It's lovely insomniacs guide to Tokyo at night. This film is my idea of heaven, I'm constantly lost in it's transcendent beauty. Now I've gotten this feeble love for this movie out there I may even decide to review it, but for now I'm going to relax with some Suntory and a heavy dose of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain and let the evening drift away.

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