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Truly, one of the best films of the nineties! I love how it gives Jim Carrey something more grounded without completely shackling him of his expressive, physical brand of performance. I love the advertising within the show and how the camera focuses in on a poster for a certain product or an actor so unsubtly starts bigging up a new kitchen utensil. I love the little moments that help turn Truman's doubts into full on paranoia, the elevator that leads off set, the lighting rig that falls from the sky, the radio frequency that picks up a crew member tracking Truman's movements, the many ways in which he seemingly cannot leave this small town and the way in which he is soon able to pinpoint exact sequences of events due to the closed loop nature of the world he is apart of. It's so so inventive, funny and heartwarming and further proof that Peter Weir was a genius film director!

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