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This review may contain spoilers.

Actually a lot of fun! A lot of my worries and expectations for this movie were quite wrong! This is definitely one of the better middling marvel films, though some elements are a bit cheesy or silly. At times a little generic but at other times kind of doing something special. By no means did it blow me away but it was definetly worth the price of admission. 

What I Liked: 
• young sam Jackson is a really great character and performance! The technology is also really great and looked pretty seamless
• I loved the Skrull commander character he was quite funny! And I think that his characters humour is more what the mcu should strive for
• the movie had some pretty fun action scenes and flying scenes though they are quite cgi intensive... the fight on the train was pretty cool  though
• the twists and turns were a fun change of pace and I actually liked them (although they were all painfully predictable I admire the effort)
• Brie Larson was actually passable which is funny because from the trailers she didn’t look very convincing. Overall she plays a somewhat deadpan humour, amnesiac sort of situation pretty well. At times a bit stilted and the humour sounds like it was written for a character and not natural ... that being said I still liked her
• the side characters are what really stood out to me in this one, I like marvels fighter pilot friend and daughter, Fury, Coulson, and the skrull guy... Jude law and the prior captain marvel are just okay but not atrociously bad maybe just forgettable I’m not sure where I land with them
• the VFX are pretty good for the most part and only a few times was it not pleasant to look at 
• I appreciate the effort put in to making it look less generic ... which is still definitely does but it felt kind of Star Trek Remake at times which I was alright with. The costumes of the kree are quite bland though and I don’t like the Mohawk for captain marvel 
• the soundtrack was some pretty awesome 90’s music which I thought was fun ... maybe a little too in your face “ get it , this takes place in the 90’s “ at times though
•^ speaking of that, the humour relies on that idea quite a bit as well... blockbuster reference, radioshack reference, old computer joke.. etc. Those jokes weren’t very funny. A lot of the other kinds of jokes were pretty funny though 
• the story was definetly fun and I never felt like this was entirely just set up like with some other marvel movies
• pacing was pretty great never felt tired 
• action sequences are also a strong suit
• the cat... thing was a fun character as well (not as funny as the audience made it seem, but still fun)
• Some Scenes I Liked:

The scenes where they manipulate her memory, the scenes involving skrulls were all fun because of the shape shifting power, her first coming to earth and meeting nick fury, the scene where they go to space to get the tesseract, and then the ending fights were pretty cool too when she’s extremely powerful. The escape scene and also the trippy supreme intelligence scene are good also

Things I Did Not Like:
• The Story brings up a lot of questions for the future of the MCU that I’m not sure are easy to answer ... not that that’s necessarily a bad thing but i just don’t know how they’ll do it
• the VFX is some sections is not very good, meeting with the supreme intelligence the green screening is really bad, also when she’s faking from the sky you can tell it’s a cgi model, also when she’s having the very trippy sequence it is also easy to tell it’s a model
• a lot of the humour wasn’t very funny to me, reference based humour, or like blatant “ joke, setup, joke” that feels unnatural wasn’t really what I find really funny
• character have some pretty cheesy dialogue at times not gonna lie
• somewhat bland or generic at times whether it be the suits or Brie Larson’s sometimes bland and stilted acting
• way too in your face “this is the 90’s” I wish it were more subtle
• predictable plot
• flat cinematography
• fun but shallow, definitely entertaining though.
• Jude law is kinda bad. Also some other actors are just find if not forgettable
• laughably cheesy at times 
• she gets an immense anime style power boost out of nowhere that kind of wrecks the mcu power scaling. She’s basically superman. And now anytime I see her fight I’m going to ask myself, why doesn’t she just fly into them at light speed like she does with the spaceship at the end, etc. She might be a little too powerful. That being said that’s also one of my biggest complaints about infinity war is that thanos literally can control reality, time, space, etc. And he basically doesn’t use any of that effectively... why not manipulate reality so the avengers don’t exist, go back in time and kill them all, put them in a black hole... etc. Instead .... just used it to do minor things before snapping his fingers. All in service of the plot 
• hate the Mohawk suit, looks bad
• Carol Danvers is kind of boring, delivery of lines is probably what that’s from
• everyone feels written and the movie feels really corporate
• score is still pretty dull
• space battles that look generic
• stole a joke from Indiana Jones * eye rolls 
• basically this movie is pretty standard marvel fare, generic looking, kinda cheesy dialogue with reduced stakes when they want it to be or increased stakes when they want it to be, flatly shot with boring lighting, the acting is just passable and the humour can be excessive, lots of very clearly * written and not super believable characters, a bland villain , bad scored etc. All the tropes however it is a lot of fun and if you look at it from the perspective of fun action entertainment and no deeper I think it does a pretty great job at that. Which is all I think this movie is going for
• script bad

• Bad 1st act
• Brie Larson lacks mcu charisma
• Carol Danvers blank slate is bad, aloof and stoic but also sarcastic and witty is not a good combo
• devoid of unique ideas and lessons

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