Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

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This review may contain spoilers.

It’s amazing how a movie can feel completely different after returning to it after some time. The movie itself hasn’t changed but I as a person have. I’ve returned with new experiences, thoughts and perspectives that may change how I initially viewed this. 

I think the first time I watched this I was challenging myself to decode everything all at once, this compounded by the fact that I was extremely depressed and was also feeling very attached to this particular property led to a very messy, confused but overall powerful watch. I wanted to prove that I understood everything and that I could personally understand more artistic movies. I wanted to appear cultured and in the loop, something I think is totally ridiculous now. I was probably being a bit of a poser but I’m glad I challenged myself to that, because I now legitimately enjoy those aspects of movies. (Thanks NGE :-))) I initially saw this as very nihilistic in nature with little glimpses of hope every so often. The important self reflection really resonated with me then (and still does now) and helped to explain some of the thoughts I’d been having along with externalizing things I’d previously been unable to put into words.

What an incredible movie. The craft of this one is impeccable. The editing and music stuck out to me in particular on this watch and the animation is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. With this returned rewatch I’m mentally in a much better place, and so with a much cleaner and clearer mind, along with my newly gained perspectives, experiences and  ideas I had a much less painful watch! I saw a lot more of the positives of this ending this time around as well. My watch experience was far less confused as well since I’ve had lots of time to try and build an understanding of the more technical elements of the show, as well as lots of time to understand it’s larger themes and metaphors. I’ve become quite a bit more adept at understanding philosophy so I was noticing lots of influence there this watch as well.  I picked up on a lot more of the smaller details and symbols this time around too, which only helped to solidify this as a total masterpiece to me personally. I still don’t think I’d enjoy watching this with anyone else though, as my first time with it felt so intimate and uncomfortable, yet enlightening and encouraging. The self reflection really helped me out in my darkest moment and I often find myself thinking back to this one even months and months later.

It’s amazing, quite R-rated for some violence and sexuality aspects and it’s got some pretty disturbing sections as well ... fair warning. But I do think it all has a place within the film and isn’t just there as fan service but to support the themes and messaging as well as the mood and atmosphere. Though I was able to find more of the positives this time around, this is still the darker of the two endings. The other ending is in my opinion very positive and suggests growth and hope for recovery. This one on the other hand demonstrates obsession, a lack of growth, a lack of communication, fear, despair, loneliness, self loathing, and pain, the dangers of escapism and not facing your problems. There are glimpses of hope, but they are few and far between. Shinji is willing to accept others and actively decides to embrace others in this conclusion, but he is unable to re-examine himself and therefore fails to adapt and learn to change. He sees the flaws pointed out to him as personal attacks instead of opportunities for growth. This is the negative reflection to the show endings positive.

For anyone who hasn’t watched NGE, i would highly recommend it! I know it’s 26 episodes and a movie, but I promise it’s very much worth it. It’s quite a rewarding experience from any level. Memorable and relatable characters but those same characters are also alienating and complex. philosophical intricacy. excellent animation and action. Perfect art style. Thematic depth. Unforgettable music. not so much in the finale but throughout the early part of the show there’s really well timed comedy too! There’s so much to dive into and love about this. I can’t wait to return again to see what will change. I often times feel like a totally different person even after only a few months, so whenever I return to something I used to love I’m always afraid I won’t love it as much, or that my initial experience with it was a product of circumstance, but I’m glad to say that this is still my favourite film, as it appeals to all of my personal favourite aspects of movies and is still relevant to me upon rewatch.  It was a really cathartic experience.

:-) I’m really biased, but I do think everyone will at least get something from this movie! highly recommend!

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