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This review may contain spoilers.

I did not know that I was going to enjoy Samurai movies this much! 

I probably should have guessed I’d love this though since I’m a huge fan of Shakespearean stories since they do a great job of having multiple interesting characters and plot threads. This is King Lear mixed with a little bit of lady Macbeth. It’s an incredibly entertaining political and familial tragedy with many memorable and complicated characters! there’s backstabbing, and some really thought provoking ideas! (Ralph Sepe of Ralphthemoviemaker made a video about “Ran” for his series “Ralph recommends” and I think it does an excellent job at explaining a lot of the appeal of this film)

I loved the characters and performances, especially Lady Kaede who was especially evil, and Lord Hidetora! The sons, the fool, there’s so many amazing characters. The direction is superb making every shot look like a Japanese painting. The colors are extremely vivid! Watching this in 4K is highly recommended! The score added so much drama as well. I love every second of this and it’s not a short movie. The violence and war scene were insanely well done and visceral, wonderfully executed! So many extras! Just wow. 

:-) My first Kurosawa and first samurai movie. Lived up to the hype.

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