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  • Us



    If common sense didn't do the trick, US should soundly put the "next Hitchcock" Peele hype to rest. It's not that he doesn't have a good grasp on suspense (or show a similar knack for walking the line between terror and tension); he seems altogether disinterested in walking that path. In US, Jordan Peele, a true horror devotee of the Fangoria generation, shows his hand: I think the man wants to make old-school genre horror. He's more Jacques Tourneur than…

  • Vampyr



    Seems odd that this was considered a low-point in Dreyer's career. There are about seven all-time great black and white horror stills from this movie. The scythe, the nightmarish "buried alive" sequence, the suffocation-by-flour, all the shadow work... One of the great early exercises in atmospheric dread.

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Breathtaking feature. Johnson at his whodunnit-loving best.

    Some highlights:

    -Lakeith Stanfield calls Daniel Craig “hoss” no fewer than 40 times.

    -Jamie Lee Curtis won’t stop looking into the camera and mouthing “I was in Halloween.”

    -Not a single knife.

    -Michael Shannon punching Chris Evans in the mouth.

    -Michael Shannon punching Dode in the mouth.

    -Michael Shannon punching me in the mouth (3D screening).

    -It’s actually a prequel to Brick? This actually didn’t really land tbh.

  • Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill


    In a critical world where reductive reviews are frowned upon, no one is harder for me to tackle than De Palma. I haven't really taken the plunge into his deeper cuts, but so far the guy seems to lean way too much on his influences for me to get a good read on his style (other than the fact that he obviously loves a split diopter shot).

    I actually think if BDP were on LBoxd he would love seeing one line reviews like "Argento meets Hitchcock. Pretty good. Nancy Allen is hot." There's no way he made this movie with any more ambition than that.