Gemini Man ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

As you know, the "two Will Smiths" premise is front and center in the marketing. But the face of the killer coming after the lead isn't revealed until 35 minutes in and for the next 17 minutes, it's assumed by all four main characters that he's an illegitimate child. We're almost an hour into this before the cloning twist is revealed. The TWIST. If you've seen the trailers you've seen the whole movies because what was clearly supposed to be a reveal was made the main selling point. And how differently would things have turned out had this movie been more ambiguous in the marketing? Had it not shown the killer's face? I feel like the reception would've at least been a little better since now everyone walking into this knows it as "The Will Smith Clone Movie". I mean the movie isn't flawless without the spoilery marketing. Some of the dialogue is cheesy. There's a weird twist involving a third Will Smith and everything wraps up a little too nicely. But it's still pretty fun and I'd say well-paced. I wish it was handled a bit better. Also, the scene where young Will Smith licks an ice cream cone while gunfire and explosions happen all around him deserves to be a meme.