Sorcerer ★★★★½

Thriller strong, mature lost in time but deserves attention. Not a little dated, the film has a rich prelude that demonstrates in detail the motive that leads men with different lives, to that end of the world in inhuman underemployment. Hard, harrowing film, there are no soft moments, the film is a survival struggle out of that hell hidden in a miserable Central America. And to get out of that requires an effort in a limit situation that would probably lead to death. I imagine the work, the ingenuity and commitment, for the fateful scenes of the trucks, very impressive and realistic in a beautiful work of production, see the date of the film. The scenes do not age like the situations ... the dangers faced by these men in the quest for their own existence. Great movie , lost in the mid 70's .. a very prolific time for the cinema where this "Sorcerer", also deserves attention by the safe and detailed direction of the great William Friedkin, one of the greatest of all time.

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