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  • Birdman



    This is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite film of the year. This is everything I could ever ask for in a film. This is by far Keaton's best performance. Will get a Best Actor nomination? Oh, he better. Will he win? I think he deserves to win. His performance as Reagan Thompson is not only a correlation to Keaton's own pitfalls in his career, but a chance for Keaton (and Thompson) to make a comeback that we can all…

  • Matchstick Men

    Matchstick Men


    A con film that doesn't have the burden on focusing on the con itself. Instead, the quirky, dynamic characters take the helm in this off-beat, sly-comedic con film with Ridely Scott turning in a very subdued direction that doesn't draw attention to itself. The script is written with attentive detail that unravels a new twist with every scene and offers both Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell fun, zany, and interesting characters. Cage and Rockwell are dazzling with their onscreen chemistry and offer high-powered performances that radiates from the screen. One of the best Ridley Scott films that never for once felt like a Scott film.

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  • Gravity



    Words can only do so little to describe the overall remarkable achievement that writer and
    director Alfonso Cuarón has mustered up in this audacious, masterpiece of a film. Not to sound
    too hyperbolic, but Gravity is one of the brimming examples of how truly powerful cinema can
    be and the extent at what it can accomplish. (These days where audiences have become so
    numbed to the over-saturation of blockbuster spectacles, Gravity is a breath of fresh air.) What
    Gravity dabbles…

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    Remarkably enchanting and so enthralling. Something about Spielberg and impacting people's childhoods have to be correlated. Quite possibly the most astonishing achievement in both film and special effects, Spielberg, along with his team really brought dinosaurs to life and made them just as lethal and realistic as we as kids would imagine them to be. With a epic score to emphasize the fantasy of this world, this gem of technical wizardry from the wizard himself; Stan Winston and a cast…