Interstellar ★★★½

Nolan films tend to bludgeon, they lack lightness, thats not necessarily a bad thing if applied to the right material, he is good with grounded technical subjects; thats his forte. But when he wants to get into the more abstract, or poetic, or dream like, he's not as effective. Its why Inception to me did not work; dreams tend to have a light, more transparent, abstract quality, Nolans style is the opposite of that. I also find that lot of Nolan films yield diminishing returns on repeated viewings. They don’t bear scrutiny because of flaws in the narrative flow and lack of logical cohesiveness. He tries to conceal these things with the help of Hans Zimmer, or with an aerial shot or with bludgeoning epicness but for me the lack of poetic flow and consistent internal logic in the story telling is often still a problem.

When dealing with the more technical science fiction aspects, with the fun and tension, I was totally with the film, Nolan even pulled off the sentimentality. But alas the script succumbed to a common pitfall of science fiction films of late, which seem to think that science fiction in the true meaning of the word is not enough to entertain the audience, no we need some action scenes where somebody goes psycho (without pulling off the believability in motive) or where reductive notions of Love are necessary to engage us or explain things lazily.

If Nolan had kept it a little more simple and straightforward, if he hadn't succumbed to the overwhelming silliness of the third act, I could have loved this film more completely. Despite what this review might lead you to think, I for the most part enjoyed a lot of Interstellar, I was thoroughly entertained and immersed for most of it and was having a great time during most of the second act. But then the film got lazy; lack of trust in the audience (which seems to be the biggest problem nowadays with the more ambitious big budget films like this one) reared its head and what we got in the third act was something more banal, muddled, and ultimately unsatisfying. Nevertheless, the film did take me for a ride; and its because of how good i felt about the best parts that the worst parts frustrate me as much.