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  • Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run


    Watched for its 20th anniversary.

    Energetic and playful indie film that explores multiple timelines.

    Gimmicky but well made and enjoyable.

    Film #477 of 2018.

  • The Fabulous World of Jules Verne

    The Fabulous World of Jules Verne


    I've never seen anything like this mix of live action, animation, cutouts and stop motion that bring Victorian engravings to life.

    Loosely based on the writings of Jules Verne, this ambitious and whimsical fantasy would be a challenge to film today. How this was made in the 50s in a communist country is beyond me.

    It's an standard adventure tale overshadowed by the bizarre presentation.

    Film #476 of 2018.

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  • Re-Animator



    Superior 80s horror with a ton of black humour, this is one of the very few to get the formula right.

    Creatively shot with lashings of gore it stands up really well after 33 years.

    Revisited tonight for the first time in decades, watched with young people who has never seen it before. They are now traumatized.

    Film #463 of 2018.

  • Jack Kirby: Story Teller

    Jack Kirby: Story Teller


    Affectionate tribute to the King of Comics. I found it pretty enjoyable but I can't see it appealing to non fans.

    I've always been Team Jack, I love his work. Stan Lee is a cad who took credit for the hard work of Kirby.

    After Jack left Marvel in 1968, he went on to create The New Gods, Captain Victory, Silver Star, Destroyer Duck, TV designs and more.

    What did Stan Lee create after Jack left? Solarman and Stripperella?