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  • Evil Toons

    Evil Toons


    Sleazy, stupid comedy horror. It's great!

    Frequent, gratuitous nudity. Wretched dialogue delivered with variable levels of acting skill. Dick Miller. Bad animation and effects.

    Fred Olen Ray, you always deliver!

    Film #566 of 2018.

  • The Skull

    The Skull


    For a horror film with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee written by Robert Bloch this is awfully tame.

    Its a quality production that looks classy but is let down in the story department.

    Picks up in the second half, but I'd rate this for fans of cursed levitating skulls only.

    Film #565 of 2018.

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  • Biohazard



    Fred Olen Ray strikes again with this craptacular 80s SF horror!

    Inept, super cheap Alien ripoff with scads of blood and leering nudity.

    God awful script and acting. Looks like it was shot in someone's kitchen.

    The monster suit has superficial resemblance to the Alien, it's worn by the directors 8 year old son! Production value!!

    Fans of cheese will find lots to enjoy here but it shouldn't be watched by anyone, really.

    Film #548 of 2018.

  • Mandy



    Style over substance.

    I mostly enjoyed Beyond the Black Rainbow and had some hopes for this trippy revenge tale.

    Brutally slow at first, the film tries to draw you in with colour graded visuals and excellent music before the carnage starts, with mixed results.

    I found it painfully indulgent and goofy at times, aiming for a certain 80s vibe but missing the mark. Its a good effort and certainly original but some scenes were lost in a meandering, bloody haze.

    Might have to rewatch this after....October 17th. 😉

    Film #504 of 2018.