Paul Senior

Paul Senior


Former Projection Goblin.
Classics, Arthouse, Foreign, Cult, Silents, Exploitation and Trash cinema. SciFi, Horror a must.

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  • A Ghost Waits

    A Ghost Waits


    Adorable indie horror that makes effective use of two actors and one location.

    As well written as it is lo fi, we found this cute but a little predictable.

    Film #224 of 2021.

  • The Last Dragon

    The Last Dragon


    Could this be the most 80s movie of all time??

    An incredible action/martial arts/blaxploitation blast of awesome. The music! The clothes! The pink neon!

    World's biggest chump spends half the damn runtime running from every fight and talking like Mr Data. Fights eventually ensue!

    Film #223 of 2021.

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  • Prospect



    Low budget SF that does it right.

    The chunky 70s aesthetic was well executed, it's a universe I want to see more of. Special effects beyond the space sequences are minimal but effective, good use of colour grading.

    The real strength here is the solid character work and action filled story, great tension.

    Watchable and recommended.

    Film #92 of 2019.

  • Mandy



    I mostly enjoyed Beyond the Black Rainbow and had some hopes for this trippy revenge tale.

    Brutally slow at first, the film tries to draw you in with colour graded visuals and excellent music before the carnage starts, with mixed results.

    I found it painfully indulgent and goofy at times, aiming for a certain 80s vibe but missing the mark. Its a good effort and certainly original but some scenes were lost in a meandering, bloody haze.

    Might have to rewatch this after....October 17th. 😉

    Film #504 of 2018.