Paul Senior

Former 35mm Projection Goblin.
Classics, Arthouse, Cult, Silents, Exploitation and Trash cinema. SciFi, Horror a must.

Favorite films

  • Alien
  • Repo Man
  • Nights of Cabiria
  • The Florida Project

Recent activity

  • Summer Camp Nightmare


  • Memory Run


  • Culloden


  • The Return of Swamp Thing


Recent reviews

  • Summer Camp Nightmare

    Summer Camp Nightmare


    Went in expecting a slasher, got Meatballs vs Lord of the Flies.

    Chuck Connors hates fun and runs a summer camp. The brats rebel and take over, partying ensues.

    It's a reasonable amount of fun with a minimum of blood and mayhem.

    Film #238 of 2023.

    Banked review as I'm setting up our new house.

  • Memory Run

    Memory Run


    For cheap Canadian Science fiction from the 90s, you could do worse.

    A gun runner gets brain zapped and swapped into the body of a smoking hot woman. It then goes all Get Out on us as it's revealed to be a plot.

    Always good to see Chris Makepeace and Barry Morse.

    This moved along briskly and held my interest unlike most cheap 90s SF. Look out for the Chevy Lumina minivan with 1000 pounds of crap bolted on and the awesome racing sidecar bike.

    Film #237 of 2023.

    Actual Final Film in the old house.

Popular reviews

  • Prospect



    Low budget SF that does it right.

    The chunky 70s aesthetic was well executed, it's a universe I want to see more of. Special effects beyond the space sequences are minimal but effective, good use of colour grading.

    The real strength here is the solid character work and action filled story, great tension.

    Watchable and recommended.

    Film #92 of 2019.

  • Spontaneous Combustion

    Spontaneous Combustion


    Not one of Tobe Hoopers better efforts, this is partly saved by the always awesome Brad Dourif who makes it at least watchable.

    With effects that are pretty marginal, this scrapes up a pass. Feels like a Full Moon movie and not in a good way.

    Film #224 of 2023.