Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

There’s a way pta makes his movies (except for pdl and hard eight) that is so sublime to experience. He spends the first hour building his worlds and the characters. Adding little quirks and nuances as we go along. Around the first hour mark I’m often satisfied with everything stopping. Other filmmakers would fill entire projects with the care he puts into the first hour. But what comes after…what comes after is a beautiful journey throughout the world that he’s created and often feels like a bonus or an epilogue of sorts. These parts make his films feel even more satisfying in my opinion because everyone is used so well. Each pta movie often feels like a world within itself, with full defined characters with futures and pasts that would often be milked to death by anyone else. When I finish a Paul Thomas Anderson movie I never want a sequel. I just get ready for whatever world we get thrown into next. Amazing film.