Amélie ★★★★

Amélie is not what I was expecting and I honestly think this surpassed my expectations. I knew that Amélie was a very heartfelt and quirky film, but it's that and much more. Amélie is a romance, a deep look at life, and a very absurd comedy. This film is absolutely hilarious and there wasn't a single joke that felt dull. Bizarre humor is exactly my cup of tea, so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this films jokes. The wild and eccentric performance from Audrey Tautou really adds to the peculiar tone this film has. Pretty much every performance helps the wild tone and everyone is simply superb. The characters have so many small characteristics that the actors are able to pull off throughout the entire film. At least for the most part, which leads me to my only problem with this film. For the most part, the film is very consistent with its characters' quirks, except for one. One of the characters is basically Mr. Glass from Unbreakable, but they don't do a good job conveying this. We are told that he could break his hand from a handshake, but we constantly see him pouring drinks and making other hand movements. I really doubt he can do all of this if a simple handshake will break his fingers. That's literally my only issue with this film and it's nothing severe. This is pretty much a perfect film that really surprised me. While it is hilarious, it honestly deals with some heavy themes. There is a lot of dialogue talking about time, choices, chance, love, and death. While time and death is a pretty heavy topic, this film still handles in a heartwarming way. I wasn't expecting anything deep or thought-provoking, but I'm glad that's what I got. I was especially shocked by the romance and the final 20-30 minutes. The romance feels so genuine and I really started to connect to Amélie. I was seriously not prepared for how emotional those final minutes made me. This was hilarious but by the end of it, it had really touched my heart. I haven't felt this way about characters in quite some time and I'm glad how the film handled it. The film doesn't become overly dramatic, but it definitely takes itself more seriously the farther you get into it. I seriously can't describe in words how the third act made me feel. This is definitely a film that deserves a rewatch because this will hold a special place in my heart. I'm sticking with an 8 for now because that's how I felt for most of the movie, but by the end, I'm not sure if I feel that way. It feels nice to relate to a character like this and knowing the direction the film takes, I'm sure I'll like it more on a rewatch. If you have HBO Max, please check this out because it is also leaving by October 31. I'll probably be ending a lot of my reviews like this because I'm trying to watch everything I care for that's leaving HBO Max.

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