Gremlins 2: The New Batch ★★★

This seriously had no right to be as good as it was. This movie is genuinely awesome and I think I might have even liked it more than the first. This film definitely has its problems, so I'm not going to act like this anything amazing in terms of quality. I'm giving this 3 stars in terms of quality, but in terms of enjoyment, my rating would be higher. Gremlins 2 is really just a film for the fans of Gremlins, but Joe Dante honestly does a great job with this. Usually, when a sequel is just fan service it can come off cheap and lazy, but that is certainly not the case with this film. Unlike the first installment, most of the runtime is spent with gremlins instead of people, which was honestly a smart decision. The best part about Gremlins was the gremlins, so I'm glad to see this change. The gremlins aren't only given more runtime but are also heavily improved. The gremlins now have their own personalities and looks which I loved. We are no longer following evil gremlins that do evil shenanigans, but we are following defined characters. The gremlins also get their hands-on potions and get some mutations. This is where the film gets even better as we get to see flying, talking, and even spider gremlins. This movie is honestly insane and this eccentric style of humor might not be for everyone. There is even a Hulk Hogan cameo out of nowhere, so like I said, this is a pretty batshit crazy film. Of course, this film comes with its issues, so I guess I'll bring those up now. The main problem with this film is the lack of direction during certain scenes and the lack of polish in the script. It feels like a lot of the side characters were given no direction, so they kind of just sit there emotionless during scenes. The script is also lacking detail during certain scenes, which means that there are quite a few moments that make no sense. The setups were also pretty lame for the most part and some of the character decisions made no sense. Honestly, I was going to give this a 2.5/5, but the last forty minutes are too good. In some ways, this film surpasses the original, and in other ways, it falls under the original. At the end of the though, for a sequel, this was shockingly good.

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