The Outsiders ★★½

I couldn't decide if this was bad or just mediocre, but for now, it is just mediocre. There isn't much to say about The Outsiders. The cinematography and score are serviceable. The acting isn't anything amazing and the line delivery was sometimes weird, but for the most part, it was also serviceable. My main issue with the film is that it feels like it's trying to win a race. A lot of the scenes feel super rushed and this makes the film ending up to be really corny. The way characters shift emotion so quickly comes off pretty silly. Little did I know though, there is apparently a longer cut. I've never known of this till now, so maybe that'll fix the pacing issues. The score also was changed in this cut, so that might also be better. For now, this is a pretty mediocre film, but maybe I need to see the original cut instead of the theatrical cut.

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