Favorite films

  • Good Time
  • Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees
  • Zero Day
  • Dogville

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  • Livid


  • Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss


  • Wandering Ginza Butterfly


  • Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom


Recent reviews

  • Safer at Home

    Safer at Home


    this was terrible but i mean this one's on me, i made the conscious decision to watch another film from the director of Follow Me. i wanted to watch it because i have an interest in films where mind-altering experiences go bad, because when done well there's such a relatability to the psychological chaos that makes it scarier to me on a personal level than a horror film where there's a crazy guy with an axe or whatever. i haven't…

  • Follow Me

    Follow Me


    of all the movies you could rip off beat-for-beat to make an influencer horror version why the fuck would you pick Hostel

Popular reviews

  • Zero Day

    Zero Day


    The last 15 minutes were I think the most emotionally devastated I've ever been watching a movie. good fucking lord. I don't even know what to do with the rest of my day. what do you do after watching this

  • The Science of Sleep

    The Science of Sleep


    i can relate hard to this film's central theme of having a crush on Charlotte Gainsbourg