Teknolust ★★★½

this isn't a great movie but it is fucking awesome. i refuse to believe it is even real. Tilda Swinton plays three internet-based cyborg-humans whom the main character communicates with on her microwave. the webpage scenes are unbelievably aesthetic and early 2000s. Ruby communicates to web users via what they call Ruby's E-Dream Portal. half the dialogue is technobabble and the actors clearly don't know why they're saying what they are. the main doctor's name is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone walks into a barber shop and asks him to make her look like Bjork. Jeremy Davies's character looks exactly like Armada. there's a scene where i'm pretty sure a character tries not to laugh but breaks and the director kept it in anyway. the futuristic outer space trip hop/techno/occasionally breakbeat soundtrack is unironically great. how the fuck was this made.