Da 5 Bloods ★★

This was ALL over the place jesus christ. Not just the storyline though, the inconsistent editing and camera styles were honestly pretty distracting to watch.

The whole MAGA character arch felt pretty unnecessary to me as well, it felt like it was just thrown in there for the wow factor honestly. I know his character was used for much of the conflict in Da 5 Bloods, but it felt so forced to have him be the odd one out. The storyline would have been much more effective if the characters were unified.

I loved BlacKkKlansman so much I am kind of shocked how much I didn't like this; compared, Da 5 Bloods was much less atmospheric and captivating.

The story was lacking, cinematography was lacking, acting was pretty average (other than Delroy Lindo). Overall was very underwhelmed by this, felt like a lot of nothing was going on despite it having a 2.5 hour runtime.

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