• Basically



    This popped up on my recommended videos on Youtube, so naturally I decided to watch it. Honestly felt as though I had to force myself to sit and watch it. I thought certain parts were funny but it really didn't make up for how uninteresting the rest of the monologue was. I enjoyed the directing but it wasn't enough for redemption. The editing I felt was distracting as well from the monologue being spoken. The change of topic and scenery every 30 seconds made it hard to follow.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    I realized I have not seen much of Robert Pattinson's work other than the first Twilight (that was really enough for me from that series) so I decided to watch this one. I saw it was A24 and honestly that was all I needed to be convinced.

    Pattinson's acting was phenomenal, somehow he managed to be the protagonist and antagonist at the same time. The entire film created such a convincing "on the run" story, making the viewer unsure what…

  • Instant Family

    Instant Family


    You ever start a movie and within ten minutes you can already figure out how the movie will end? Yeah this was one of those. It was honestly probably one of the most predictable movies I have ever seen. Not only this but the movie utilized such stereotypical scenarios to try and get a laugh from the audience they might as well have put a "laugh" sign at the top of the frame during the comedic moments.

    The strongest aspect…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    I went into this one skeptical of the positive reviews that I had heard from friends. Thankfully I can say that I agree with the positive reviews, it was a good movie. The Invisible Man combined so many different sub-genres within "horror," it is almost hard to pin it as just one. Somehow it managed to be a psychological thriller, slasher, and a paranormal/supernatural film at the same time.

    I especially loved how the entire film spoke on the ongoing…

  • The Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat

    I got h*gh as hell with friends and watched this and it can be summed up in one word: drugs. Dr. Suess was on some shit when he wrote this one I just know it. This movie felt like what I imagine a bad acid trip is like.

    On another note though, the set design and costumes are somehow good? Trust me, I'm just as confused writing that as you are reading it.

    Also, something feels inherently pedophilic about this…

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    In retrospect: Fuck Shia LaBeouf

    Just finished watching this after watching it here and there over the span of 3 days. I think it took me so long to actually sit down and finish it because the subject matter was so hard for me to watch at times. It felt a little one-toned, but I think that actually worked in the favor for the message throughout.

    The cinematography was incredible and the lighting felt so intimate and real. So real…

  • Prisoners



    I really just want to know how neither of them got an Oscar nomination...

  • Waves



    I finished this movie about 5 minutes ago, and it's one of those where you just sit and think afterwards. This movie touched on so many important topics within its two-hour run time that it almost feels like I watched an entire season of a television show rather than a movie. The characters are humanized in such a way that you can start to know what they are thinking even in scenes of silence. Somehow those scenes propelled the story…

  • good kid, m.A.A.d city

    good kid, m.A.A.d city

    Being a big fan and honestly just curious, I searched "Kendrick Lamar" on here and stumbled upon this short film, and I am glad that I did. This provided a personal tour through his hometown, Compton, in such a way that felt so personal and intimate. I will definitely look into more work from the director, Kahlil Joseph. This short film was actually created for an exhibit at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona. I can only imagine…

  • Selma



    Blows my mind how the public education system has been altered to paint MLK as an all nonviolent leader to fit the narrative that it is the only to create real change. Was almost refreshing to be able to see MLK outside of his "I have a Dream" persona that was so focused upon throughout my years in public school. It was also very interesting to see MLK interact with his inner circle throughout the movie, as well as how…

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    there’s something about watching the joker leave gotham in shambles while our own world is in shambles that hits different right about now

  • Swallow



    it’s been a while since a movie has made me that physically uncomfortable, but in a good way??

    in summary: it’s like mother! (2017) meets my strange addiction