Knock Knock ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Death? Death? You're gonna kill me? You're gonna fucking kill me! Why? Why! Because I fucked you? You fucked me! You fucked me! You came to my house! You came to me! I got you a car, I brought you your clothes, you took a fucking bubble bath! You wanted it! You wanted it! You came on to me! What was I supposed to do? You sucked my cock, you both fucking sucked my cock! It was free pizza! Free fucking pizza! It just shows up at my fucking door! What am I supposed to do? "We're flight attendants. Come on, fuck us! No one will know. Come on, fuck us!" Oh, twosomes, threesomes. It doesn't matter! Starfish! Husbands! You don't give a fuck, you'll just fuck anything, you'll just fuck anything! Well, you lied to me, I tried to help you! I let you in, I was a good guy, I'm a good father! And you just fucking fucked me! What? Now, you're gonna kill me! You're gonna kill me? Why? Why? 'Cause you fucked me? What the fuck-fuck-fuck, this is fucking insane!


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