In the Shadow of Women

In the Shadow of Women ★★★★½

I experienced 4D technology for the first time on 1/16/16. I can confirm that it does indeed work.

Undoubtedly a theater experience I will never get. A man, all the way in the corner of the front row, lit up a cigarette halfway into the film. People went and complained, and the man was kicked out of the theater. After the man had been kicked out, the theater reeked of the smell of cigarettes. Of all of the films playing in theaters right now, this was easily the most suiting film to light up during, as cigarettes are prominently featured throughout In the Shadow of Women. Every time a character would light up in the film, I would just take a deep breathe and I would immediately smell the scent of that rich nicotine in the air. In conclusion, 4D technology does work, but sadly movie theaters have to hire people to make this technology work.

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