Vagabond ★★★

Agnès Varda's Vagabond centers around Mona, played by Sandrine Bonnaire, who wanders around France during the winter. Varda sets up and maintains throughout a world devoid of any human emotion. Unlike her previous films, you are not attached to the main character, which was surprising. In Cleo for 5 to 7, Varda draws you in right away. She quickly gets to the central conflict in Cleo. You follow the main character over the course of two hours as she awaits the results of her medical test. You feel for her as she goes through these internal struggles. Vagabond sadly meanders for the 100 minute runtime. There is nothing to latch onto here. You know little about Mona's backstory. She is this withdrawn character who goes from place to place. The biggest problem I had was that the film never focuses on anything. The most interesting part of the film is seeing the interactions Mona has with the other people she comes across, buy they are too brief and inconsistent to make the film interesting. It also touches upon a bunch of important ideas like social class and sexuality, but it doesn't go anywhere. Anyways, Vagabond was a huge disappointment compared to the other films I've seen from her.