Candyman ★★★★

I really dug this rebootemakerequel.

I know some think it ends too abruptly and the movie feels like just a set up for the next. But it's really political, it has a political point it wants to make and the moment it hits, the movie is done. And I loved that.

They do a great job tying in police brutality to this updated version and a great job of using the double meaning of "say his name" between the blm movement of saying victim's names to the mythology of saying Candyman's name.

The horror and violence are so well directed. And Nia Dacosta used a lot of body horror. Fingernails coming off. Skin deforming. It feels like she's as influenced by David Cronenberg as she is the original Candyman.

I'm really impressed with this. Dacosta having only directed Little Woods prior, which I liked, in sort of a late 90s Sundance that was fine way, I didn't know what she would bring to this franchise. But Peele knew what he was doing asking her and Dacosta knew what she was doing saying yes. And I'm so glad those two found each other.

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