Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★

One my favorite movies of all time. I rewatch it constantly and will re-log it constantly on here. Every time I watch it, I have new thoughts.

This time, while watching, I was thinking of Dead Alive (Braindead). Which is another similar movie I absolutely love. Peter Jackson openly admits he was influenced by Raimi. He says he wanted to take Evil Dead 2 and up the ante, with more money, and give the viewer even more of a roller coaster ride. And he does! I absolutely love Dead Alive and Jackson is a brilliant director.

So why then do I still consider Evil Dead 2 the superior movie? To me, when it goes big, it can't hit what Dead Alive did. But it's when Evil Dead 2 stops is when it finds its superior magic. Because in between the insanity and blood and gore and zany antics, there is still a haunting quality to the cabin. When Ash stops and takes a breath, you feel like you are in a secluded hell. Raimi gives the cabin an almost echoing sound, like we're in the deepest depth of a cave. Evil Dead 2 is able to maintain a horror to it which allows it to go into slapstick without being a complete slapstick movie.

And on conclusion of this viewing, I'd be remiss not to mention the recent passing of actor Danny Hicks. I made a mental note to rewatch when I heard of his death about a month ago. So this viewing was all dedicated to you, Danny. RIP

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