Lucky ★★★½

Brea Grant is turning into one of my favorite horror filmmakers. Whether she's just acting (After Midnight), writing and directing (12 Hour Shift) or writing and acting, like in this film, I feel her touch helps lift any material.

In Lucky she plays a guilt-ridden wife who is visited over and over by a masked intruder intent on killing her.

This movie is as intriguing as it is original. With the Groundhog Day-like repetition, Lucky has a point to it all, as opposed to a lot of movies that do it as a gimmick. The repetition is a commentary on the dangers women face, almost every day, from men. And by keeping the intruder faceless, he applies to any man at any time.

Lucky works very strongly as an allegory, but slips a little as a straight horror movie, which may lose some. The best horror works equally as stong as both. But it's still a very smart little horror movie that deserves more attention.

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