Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm still forming full thoughts, but I feel like the movie is making commentary on "black on black crime" at the end, which is racists favorite term, by showing a lot of crime within the African American community is just the boiling point of being exploited by the system, and is not independent of race relations, like racists want you to believe. Levee and Ma Raineys characters are examples of one controlling her own exploitation of her talents and being in control and one being taken for a ride, and how that can percolate into violence. And that violence in the end is not necessarily against who the frustration is at, but rather an explosion of a minor excursion.

When you hear that term used or see fear mongering in the local news from now on about inner city crime, regardless of what the face of the bomb that went off looks like, think about the hidden person or system that lit the fuse.

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