Nobody ★★★

This movie is pretty inconsistent and at times rushed. And I don't mean compared to an important art house film. I mean compared to the John Wick style of filmmaking, this felt a little off. Like in the first fight, Hutch is barely able to take 5 thugs on a bus, but ten minutes later he takes out 20 guys with machine guns with ease.

I get that his character is evolving back to who he was, but that's quite a jump. It reminded me of a Michael Bolton song. Where his first note is at a two and his second is a ten. Like you sure you don't want any more buildup?

But Bob Odenkirk man. That guy is a national treasure. His performance is full Odenkirk in this, but an added layer of scary psychoticness I didn't think he had in him. For him, this is a recommend

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