Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

The ending of this is great, but the best scenes of the movie are when DiCaprio is on the show Lancer. If this movie isn't really about the night of the Manson murders, but is about the identity crisis Hollywood was going through at the time, which runs parallel to DiCaprio's Rick Dalton's midlife crisis, these are the scenes that nailed it.

I love how these scenes are shot as the show, like it was Tarantino's opportunity to direct an actual tv episode within his movie. I love that DiCaprio plays Dalton as a legit great actor and his issues are all in his head. But the scene with Trudy, the little girl, on rewatch, you can tell that's the major step Dalton takes to embracing the future. When he goes method in his acting, improvs, throws her on the ground and is rewarded with praise. If the ending of the movie is Cliff Booth's redemption, this scene is Dalton's redemption

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