Tenet ★★★

So a week after watching this, I fully expected my opinion to go more towards love or hate. Yet surprisingly, it's remained neutral.

That said, I do have a simple question that someone can answer or discuss, or it can just remain rhetorical. But if every single person I've spoken to admits they need to watch it again to understand the plot, is that not a problem with the movie? I understand some movies demand rewatching to fully understand the themes and metaphors. Movies like 2001 can be dissected forever. But a movie like Tenet, it's not a question of themes, but more what is happening.

I also worry that Nolan thinks he made a deep movie and everyone is lost because it's so profound. It'd be like if I told someone a story, but told it really fast and mumbled half the details, and they say "huh? I literally didn't understand you." And I respond, "I know. Pretty deep huh?

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