The Death of David Cronenberg

The Death of David Cronenberg ★★★

Sure, this movie is rather simplistic and inconsequential, but it made me realize that David Cronenberg is going to die someday. I mean of course I knew that. Everyone dies. But there's a difference knowing and realizing. And now I realize, I also realize how much it's going to crush me.

He's always been a part of my film life, even before I knew who he was, the first time I watched one of his movies - The Dead Zone - which was just a Stephen King to me as a kid. Then The Fly, which was just a horror movie to me. I still didn't know who Cronenberg was.

But then during the 90s, everything clicked. With Dead Ringers, Scanners and The Brood, I learned what a Cronenberg film was. While going through his back catalog, I was also watching the films he was putting out. Man the 90s were a crazy time for him. Crash. Naked Lunch. M Butterfly. I loved going through that time with him.

The very late 90s and early aughts were a lul in my opinion. Existenz and Spider aren't my favorite from him. But then his roaring explosion into multiplexes - his Viggo period - began with A History of Violence then to Eastern Promises to Cosmopolis (with Pattinson) to A Dangerous Method and Maps to the Stars.

Every step he made matched where I was in life. I don't even know what film is like without his outputs and looking forward to his next.

So I'm asking very nicely, please don't ever die, David. If you could just not do that, that'd be awesome. Because that'll be a devastating day.

Anyway, this movie is only 57 seconds. It took longer to read this than to watch it

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