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  • Premium Rush

    Premium Rush


    First movie after getting out of the hospital.

    Still a lot of fun to watch. Basically a live Road Runner Cartoon, with Michael Shannon channeling Wily Coyote. And I totally buy that he plays Pai Gow in Chinatown.

  • Adult World

    Adult World


    Kind of surprised that this didn't play at Sundance because this is your atypical Sundance coming of age movie. Though it's usually with a young male character instead of a young female character. A little predictable but Emma Roberts is sensational, playing an unlikable spoiled brat while somehow giving the character some humanity. Also nice to see John Cusack channeling his inner Bill Murray (Murray could play this role 10 years ago), with his dry humor.

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  • Stories We Tell

    Stories We Tell


    TIFF Capsule: Stories We Tell sounds like a bad idea. Sarah Polley decides to make a movie about her family and its secrets. This could be self-indulgent and exploitive in the wrong hands (Polley’s sister wonders “Who want to see a movie about our family”). However, Stories We Tell is made with care, warmth, humility and a deft sense of humor. It doesn't hurt that the subjects are quite charming as well.

    Polley wrote about the reason why she made…

  • Smashed



    TIFF Capsule: One of the most honest portrayal of alcoholism in cinema, but there is more to the story at the same time. A married couple, very much in love, both are alcoholics. The wife wants to quit drinking and the husband feels differently. The recovery process drives their marriage apart. Did they fall in love while they are drunk? Can they stay together while one is sober and the other is not? Is it love when either isn't sober?…