Brave ★★★½

Brave is a good Pixar movie, not a great one. It has great animation, an excellent female lead and it's entertaining, but it doesn't quite have the emotional punch that it was going for. I could imagine this film working better with mothers and daughters though.

Brave starts off with a first act that seems to be more familiar territory for Disney rather than Pixar, but then it turns its narrative in the second act where seems to belong in Miyazaki territory. I was a little bored by the first act, but enchanted by the second act and onwards. I am kind of surprised by the criticism of this film, it's fine for what it's trying to do.

Perhaps we want Pixar to reinvent the wheel each time. It's virtually impossible to do so. This is not a misfire, but a fine entry to the Pixar universe. Merida is a wonderful character that I don't mind seeing her again.