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  • Strange Beings

    Strange Beings


    i thought this was gonna be about alien bigfoots (some is) but its mostly just a guy reading from a book of people with real deformities and slowly panning his camcorder over the photos. amazing what you could sell on vhs in 1983!!

  • Home: The Horror Story

    Home: The Horror Story


    richard beymer (MY GIRL 2, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 3) & grace zabriskie (GALAXY OF TERROR, TRANCERS: CITY OF LOST ANGELS) star in this cheap, hysterical family satire that feels like if todd solondz directed terror toons. all the blunt shots at christians, homophobes, racists & republicans wont impress anybody cool & insulated enough to think saying the obvious is uncouth but the last 20 years have only upheld & intensified the way this shit felt at the time, like when a cop (with…

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  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    anyone saying this wasnt scary cuz its "essentially bloodless" cant imagine waking up hungover again & again & again in the bed of a guy with a mystery science theater poster

  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    (biggest eyeroll in recorded human history)