Dudes ★★★★½


one of the most confusing (exciting) parts of 2019 has been slowly realizing (accepting) that im a fan of daniel roebuck (CAVEGIRL, AGENT CODY BANKS 2: DESTINATION LONDON) who has one of the best dumbguy faces of all time & in this gets paired with cynical, suicidal gutter-punk jon cryer (??) looking even more like pete davidson than marc anthony did in THE SUBSTITUTE. together theyre like an irl ren & stimpy careening around an 80s kitsch-americana road trip/revenge western that wildly changes focus & tones every 3 or 4 minutes. i loved penelope spheeris casting LEE VING of l.a. punkers FEAR as the racist scumbag bad-guy, kinda like when melanie lynskey had to go up against david yow from the jesus lizard in that macon blair netflix movie - just my opinion but dudes with the face you get from touring for decades doing a ton of drugs on the road seem more believable as this kinda hooligan than when they cast a sitcom kid or whatever.... tho on imdb they say in the trivia "Although Lee Ving portrays a fearsome villain, he once refused to return into a locale for filming upon hearing that it contained asbestos." which made me think of homer selling alec baldwin's medic alert bracelet ("that's right, mr. tough guy cant handle a little penicillin!"). in conclusion, DUDES.

*the half dude is flea

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