Mirage Men ★★★★½

wanna storm area 51?

i remember watching this doc back when it came out and thinking it was cool but a lil dry/inconclusive - i prob wanted more fun wackadoos & less depressing realizations about feds pushing the "extraterrestrial hypothesis" to explain sightings - but now having seen approx. 80000 shittier versions of this kinda thing on pr1me/y0utub3/the ufotv roku channel* i realize this isn't just legit, its one of the best ufo docs ever made.

and yeah its been hard for me to accept that the 90s mufon/disclosure/"cosmic watergate" scene was all military intel posing as whistleblowers, guys like john lear who i loved hearing on art bell's coast to coast AM, mostly "former" ("""""") natsec pushing disinfo to misdirect curious types into blind alleys. rick doty the psyop chipmunk - one of the oddest looking people ive ever seen in a movie, and im a fan of robert zdar - is the main focus here, and he comes to admit to all of this in a roundabout sort of way, raising the question of how & why hes in this documentary to begin with. is this another stage of disinfo? why should we trust him?? i dont know!!

i still believe there's valid psychic/spiritual aspects to the phenomenon, but ever since ww2 (nazis & allies chasing "foo fighters") it looks to me like the development of the "saucer craze" was a cold war cover story for secret naval & air force operations in enemy airspace, especially using classified/experimental tech, credible "sightings" on radar (stealth planes) or aircraft that seemed fantastical & revealed decades later. even grocery checkout rags like popular science come close to conceding this.** by the 90s, we get a flood of sightings of robotic military drones being tested domestically, years before 9/11 allowed their implementation abroad in iraq & afghanistan - the same decade that "coincidentally" pushed a trendy wave of ufo/extraterrestrial media from independence day to alien workshop tees, all now making a comeback as part of some weird 90s occult mall revival nostalgia trip (even tho every moment gets captured on billions of phones 24/7 now i see less footage we got in the 50s). when people who dont trust the govt see the lights of unmanned surveillance drones mosquito-buzzing their house after midnight, theyve been trained to think like fox mulder & assume its just the big-eyed greys "they" cover up, not "them" alone. hire a weirdo like bob lazar to do contract work in a defense lab for 6 months & you can pump his head full of enough flashy roswell conspiracy crap to have him propagandizing "alien tech" for decades.

this is the definition of a "limited hangout"*** - the revelation of just enough info to muddle & confuse, a disclosure to prevent you from uncovering more important material while establishing the radical truthseeker cred of the (compromised) discloser (see: wikileaks, snowden, manning, ellsberg, etc). we can prove the pentagon deliberately leaks fake national secrets. so if people already know about area 51, why not make it something fun & frivolous?

covering up spy planes to beat the commies might sound innocuous to yr average freedom-loving american, but the more sinister side of this is the purposeful hijacking of belief to exploit & victimize, especially with "abduction" psychology. what defines a ufo experience? jacques vallee (the basis for truffaut's character in close encounters, which sold this myth better than anything) says the characteristic feature is a "constant factor of absurdity that leads to a rejection of the story by the upper layers of the target society, and an absorption at a deep unconscious level of the symbols conveyed by the encounter."

ufos represent a kind of "media virus" that get replicated in pop-consciousness because it has a sticky, countercultural shell, all thought up by psych docs at the stanford research institute and released into the general public alongside new age spirituality & "satanic panic" kidnappings. the soviet union considered the proliferation of 70s ufo cults to be "provocateurs flirting with superstitions and religious impulses, directly or indirectly manipulated by the pentagon." once they establish the belief, you have the basis for understanding "abductions" (medical experiments/trafficking), as theorized by martin cannon:

"How do we account for these tales carried out in conjunction with the military? I, for one, cannot credit the generally unsubstantiated tales of "cosmic conspiracy" now promulgated by ex- intelligence agents such as John Lear and William Cooper. While I cannot assert insincerity on the part of these men, I often wonder if they have been used as conduits -- witting or unwitting -- in a sophisticated disinformation scheme."

"A simpler, though no less chilling, explanation for the "base" abductions may be found in the story of Dr. Louis Jolyon West, now notorious for his participation in MKULTRA experiments with LSD. Inspired by VIOLENCE AND THE BRAIN (a book by Drs. Frank Ervin and Vernon H. Mark which ascribed inner city turmoil to a "genetic defect" within rebellious blacks), West proposed, in 1973, a "Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence", where potentially violent individuals could be dealt with prophylactically."

"And who were these individuals? According to West's proposal, the noteworthy factors indicating a violent predisposition were "sex (male), age (youthful), ethnicity (black) and urbanicity." How to deal with them? "...by implanting tiny electrodes deep within the brain, electrical activity can be followed in areas that cannot be measured from the surface of the scalp...it is even possible to record bioelectrical changes in the brains of freely-moving subjects, through the use of remote monitoring techniques..." By monitoring the subjects' EEGs remotely, potentially violent episodes could be identified."

(THE CONTROLLERS: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction)****

2019: the pentagon has been screaming about ufos to anyone who'll listen***** and everybodys treating it as fun kitsch (omg just like the xfiles!) or a whoopsy secret the feds accidentally cant stop revealing, instead of deliberate, weaponized propaganda.all the goofy sci-fi mkultra memes & openly-disclosed "bumbling CIA" plans to mail fidel castro a bomb with a wig & lipstick or whatever are designed to induce the same kind of pacifying, docile superiority as liberals sneering at dubya word gaffes or a trump typo - wow our crazy, unsophisticated ruling class lacks the common sense to not keep goofing up & doing weird, impractical stuff! theyre so naive!!

this is why the ufo myth gets promoted by both clintons****** & their chief of staff podesta******* (deep in the ufology game), and how you get top secret military bases namedropped by obama only while honoring saucer-nut shirley maclaine ("i think i just became the first president to acknowledge area 51"). do you think this is how it works when the govt is actually TRYING to keep a secret? CIA director h.w. bush winked cute lil hints like "you dont know the half of it" while president carter actually reported a sighting; reagan repeatedly insisted he expected an alien invasion to "bring the world together", a concept also exploited by nazi rocket scientist wernher von braun. presidents, nazis & spies engaging in this kind of sci-fi pop philosophizing has the dual purpose of redirecting all govt criticism & skepticism into fantasy while flattening "conspiracy theorists" as romantic goofs who wanna smoke blunts with E.T. at area 51 (which is a fun sci-fi thing NOT a genocide factory)- that way when you start talking about "secret military bases" or "CIA mind control programs" you sound like one of the crazy lizard people. that's the trick: when people start finding things out, leak stuff that sounds intriguing but is ultimately harmless & absurd. its how you get headlines like the guardian's "Conspiracy theorists who wonder about aliens at Roswell and Nasa faking the moon landings have a new issue to ponder: did the CIA murder Hugo Chávez?"********.

this goes back to something we've talked about on here lately regarding shit like "under the silver lake" - the postmodern ironic alien/ufo aesthetic represents another misdirection in the toolbox of libertarian conspiracy pranksters like robt anton wilson or subgenius, the exact opposite of pynchon, craig baldwin or "they live" using this stuff as metaphor to put you on the right track. (in RAW's "prometheus rising" he fumbles to get ahead of the vallee theory proposing that while saucers could be appropriated for propaganda theyre "real" entities and its too simplistic/not fun enough to blame uncle sam). i dont know if "lets storm area 51" is a psyop created in the CIA insta-meme lab, but it encourages such a warped idea of activism & government mealfeasance that it might as well be - if it didnt exist, theyd have to invent it.********* and there's a real thing here, something beyond manipulation, that we cant lose sight of. between this and ESP/remote viewing im determinated to not let propaganda claim EVERYTHING from the spirit realm - if they take sasquatch, we riot

o yeah and robt emenegger - the (highly suspect) writer/composer of PSI FACTOR********* - shows up in this too.

also linda moulton howe wears a beret! check it out!!! 👽👽👽 #ufo #alien #area51raid


**"In the late 1950s, it seems, the U.S. Air Force really was working on Project 1794 to build a supersonic saucer. The first test of the VZ-9 Avrocar took place on Nov. 12, 1959. Hopes of a lean, mean, and circular fighting machine were high, but the prototypes never met the military's standards. Instead of rising to an altitude of 100,000 feet, it got closer to 5,000. It never hit the right speed, either, as its shape proved pretty unstable. The top-secret project was cancelled by 1961 (ed: lol), but visions of flying saucers have persisted." - www.popsci.com/ufo-aliens-military/

***"PRESIDENT: You think, you think we want to, want to go this route now? And the--let it hang out, so to speak?
DEAN: Well, it's, it isn't really that--
HALDEMAN: It's a limited hang out.
DEAN: It's a limited hang out.
EHRLICHMAN: It's a modified limited hang out."






*********"But mostly, it’s so funny because these idiot kids with their perfect, stupid jokes sound so reasonable. In an era when Pizzagaters are showing up in public spaces with guns and QAnon has celebrity spokespeople, the relief when you hear “Large group of people plan to storm Area 51,” and then realize that they’re actually joking—it’s a balm. A breezy balm made of one part relief and the rest, pure joy." -The Absolute Joy and Utter Relief of the Teens’ Area 51 Conspiracy Memes ---www.vanityfair.com/style/2019/07/storm-area-51-memes