Scalps ★★★★

who knew fred olen ray could make something this murderdroney?? while watching this i started thinking (youll have lots of time for thinking) about racism in horror where the victims are white and the killers arent, and how that relates to killer/victim identification in the slasher misogyny debate.... like, do shitty guys who relate to jason when hes stabbing topless girls switch identification when a bunch of meddling white kids face a violent indian pizzaface ghost? is it racist depicting violent natives when their violence is heavily justified? is horror "about" identifying with the victims, which makes sorority slashers feminist but italian cannibal movies racist, or "about" the righteous elimination of deserving victims, which makes sorority slashers misogynist but italian cannibal movies a rejection of white supremacist colonialism? does victim/killer identification flip on some "enemy of my enemy" shit, like trump guys who admire stereotypical black maleness for what they think is antifeminism while simultaneously nurturing racist shit about white female purity?? how does identity & empathy work in slashers? sound off in the comments

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