The Dead Don't Die ★★★★

everybody jumping over themselves to declare this uncool or, ugh, "boomer" (shut da fuck up) is telling on themselves more than any corny shit actually in this movie - the moment rza pulled up in a "WU-PS" truck i strapped in for dumb wayans-y horror parody, like TRANSYLVANIA TWIST with bill murray in the robert quarry/vaughn role, a sloppy regional/smalltown hangout with just enough plot to string together a series of weirdo characters & cheezeball groaner gags. so many corny meta jokes & so much bad day-for-nite photography that if you replaced all the critics darlings with a cast of no-names & like, ron jeremy it could be a troma flick (theres even a lil todd sheets in here, no lie) and ok yeah this is one of those deadpan indie movies where they think just repeating an unfunny/wordy line ("...or several animals") qualifies as a joke - art house crowds EAT this shit up but - hear me out - dont they do that in toxic avenger too??? fucking larry fessenden is in this!! theres more-than-expected rubbery gore & a flying saucer buzzes a graveyard, plan 9-style; ends with (spoilers) everybody dying and the one surviving character concluding "what a fucked up world" lol. good shit!

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