The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★

this is joker/endgame/blk panther for ppl with whatever specific mental illness i have ("ever wonder why you have nightmares? its us, maximizing your output") & gets my highest compliment that it kinda reminded me of nightbreed. "the more you looked, the more you found"

bt dubs, w.t.f. and o.m.g. are all spoken out loud in the first 15 min but theyre also saying cool shit like "the exomorph slinkies up neo's umbilicus" in scenes with everybody in shades including extras while suspenseful hackerscore plays. on the other hand i never really thought the matrix was about true love/kissing a girl or whatever (balding suicidal loser keanu forced to make matrix 4 is way more interesting than all the action & lore) and i still dont like the cuts to them chillin in pods while cool shit is happening. "why use old code to mirror something new?"

after suffering thru the miserable candyman remake i actually liked flavor-of-the-month abdul-mateen's ("US") weird waistcoat morpheus til he turns into one of those spencer gifts pin things. so many weird, effective choices in this! lana is a real deal 90s geek who hates normie conformity even more than i do but is also as gifted a filmmaker as spielberg, explaining situationist guy debord concepts like 'recuperation' in a movie starring TRANCERS vet telma hopkins and her lil robot buddies. more scientologist than any tommy cruise flick! "downloading used to be fun"

also evil-nerd nph, hilarious & sinister the way spacey was before we knew all the stuff..nerds ARE evil. he said sheeple! the universe is an illusion, more precisely, a sophism; mirrors and sequels are abominations cuz they multiply/extend it.

cool how a movie starring quantico spook priyanka chopra ends with a song about COINTELPRO. 4 stars

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