The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★

its already march & i hadnt gone to see any new movies & i love going to the movies! to see a shitty slasher!!

this was boring and the projection was too blurry. christina hendricks has an enamel pin of a green alien head on her jacket. the strangers (?) play 80s pop ballads (air supply, total eclipse of the heart) when they kill people (why?). couples in my theater who paid to see this opening night were straight up having unrelated conversations instead of paying attention. if the strangers are just sickos on a goof why the terminator persistence? why do nothing crazy or interesting?? its competently made but doing a setup this basic without any personality is like watching a backyard s.o.v. friends-in-the-woods slasher done too professional to be weird or funny. i read an interview with the guy who directed this & he said he was inspired by john carpenter (halloween) BUT NOT THE MOVIES YOURE THINKING OF (the fog and christine) and yup theres fog and cars kill people while playing nostalgia songs but with none of the rhythm or intent that makes carpenter work. im not saying it needs more incident or backstory - most movies have too much - but you gotta have something. also they rip off the texas chainsaw ending literally 100 percent. it was ok.

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