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  • Mazes and Monsters
  • The Man with One Red Shoe
  • Volunteers
  • Dragnet
  • The 'Burbs

tom hanks is a CIA asset: a potential timeline

37 films


my theory (read notes)

is it a coincidence that this bland, beloved, so very mainstream actor-slash-kennedy center honoree -…

  • Teen Sorcery
  • The Caveman's Valentine
  • D.O.A.
  • Let the Devil Wear Black
  • Night Patrol

[at least] 52 by women 20XX to eternity watchlist

341 films

i didnt do #52 last year and only ended up watching like 25 but looking at everybodys lists who did…

  • UFO's Are Real
  • UFO: The Pleiadian Mission - Billy Meier Case
  • The Secret KGB UFO Files
  • Werner Altnickel - Chemtrails & H.A.A.R.P.
  • Conspiracy: The Secret History - Masters Of The Universe: The Secret Birth Of The Federal Reserve

:: esoteric/hidden knowledge & 8th-dimensional killuminati broadcasts ::

169 films

The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the “Pindar“. The Pindar is a member of one of the 13…

  • Foxfur
  • Sixteen Tongues
  • Suroh: Alien Hitchhiker
  • Superstarlet A.D.
  • Tartarus

backyard shot-on-video/no-budget sci-fi i like/need to watch

212 films

duct tape terminator arms, oven-baked liquid latex masks, xmas lite cockpits built in grandma's garage

1 - 39 recommended/ranked ///…

  • My Ghost Dog
  • Final Stab
  • My Uncle the Alien
  • Hollywood Vampyr
  • The Shaggy Dog

funniest posters to me

85 films

lots more to add

  • Knife+Heart
  • Jobe'z World
  • Relaxer
  • Avengement
  • Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood


41 films

so far 📽️📼

  • King Solomon's Mines
  • Romancing the Stone
  • The Treasure of the Amazon
  • Tex and the Lord of the Deep
  • Treasure Buddies

faders of the logo art

26 films

red/yellow gradient adventures

  • Incubus
  • The Devil Rides Out
  • The Holy Mountain
  • The Antichrist
  • The Devil's Rain

scary goats 🐐🐐🐐

29 films

31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall…

  • The Monster
  • Night Killer
  • Satan's Bed
  • Bad Dreams
  • Dreamaniac

NIGHTMARE FEDDY: the complete encyclofredia of nightmare on elm street rip-offs

59 films


been thinking about this list since i first got on here, especially since…

  • Almost Human
  • Schizo
  • One Way Out
  • Death Shock
  • Dracula
  • NightScream
  • Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
  • Monster Mash: The Movie
  • Shredder
  • Visitors of the Night


17 films

honorable mentionz for THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS (dave coulier as peter venkmann) the twilight zone's "if she dies/ye gods" (andrea barber)…

  • Goosebumps: Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns
  • Trick or Treat
  • Jack-O
  • The Haunted History of Halloween
  • Halloween

jack o lanterns

66 films

pumpkin with a human face / hallows eve mood / awakening autumn visualization / bountiful harvest

p inspired by h.horrors…