Annette ★½

To begin, I am a huge Sparks fan. No, I haven't seen them in concert. No, I don't own all their albums. But I have been listening to them for years and have loved all of their albums (well, there's one I don't like, but isn't there always?) I was hyped as hell when I heard they were not just performing in a film, but also writing the film. What could go wrong? A lot. This film bored me to pieces. It was not worth having to deal with two groups of people in a theater who didn't shut up (thanks Landmark Mayan Theater for kicking these people out!), and certainly wasn't worth two hours and twenty minutes of my time. All I can give this film credit for is it's music, it's visuals, and it's performance. I think this suffers from the same thing I have criticized Frank Zappa's 200 Motels for: the soundtrack is amazing, but the film, not so much. Problem is 200 Motels is a film that doesn't make me want to walk out of it. Before taking my advise, remember that I walked out of Portrait of a Lady on Fire and enjoyed Space Jam 2. My advice is: Don't watch the movie. Just listen to the soundtrack.

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