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Best Films Of 2018

10 films

As always I didn't get a chance to see all the acclaimed films of 2018, but made my list based…

  • City of God
  • Last Life in the Universe
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Memento
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Best Films of the 00s

10 films

I have been keeping pace with the AV Club post on the the best of the 00s. But there are…

  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Dunkirk
  • Good Time
  • Get Out
  • Okja

Best Films of 2017

10 films

These lists are always dubious since several of the late or sparsely released acclaimed films can't be seen until 2018.…

  • Timbuktu
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • Anomalisa
  • Sicario

Best Films of 2015

10 films

I think every year it is hard to track down every worthwhile film especially in December when so many good…

  • Hell or High Water
  • Love & Friendship
  • Our Little Sister
  • Cemetery of Splendour
  • Other People

Best Films of 2016

10 films

I feel less able than usual to make a list since I missed seeing most of the festival favorites like…

  • Boyhood
  • Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Ida
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Blue Ruin

Best Films of 2014

11 films

As usual I am still catching up on films released in 2014 in 2015. I still want to see Birdman,…

  • Floating Clouds
  • Sound of the Mountain
  • Flowing
  • Late Chrysanthemums
  • Untamed Woman

My Top 20 Mikio Naruse Films

20 films

Catherine Russell in her book, The Cinema of Naruse Mikio, states that after all of her viewings of Naruse films…

  • Gravity
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • American Hustle
  • Frances Ha

Best Films of 2013

10 films

Since I didn't go back to America during the winter break I didn't have as much of a chance to…

  • Django Unchained
  • Looper
  • Lincoln
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • Moonrise Kingdom

Best Films of 2012

10 films

(January 9, 2013) 1. Django Unchained

2. Looper

3. Lincoln

4. Zero Dark Thirty

5. Moonrise Kingdom

6. Silver Linings…

  • The Descendants
  • Drive
  • Shame
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Best Films of 2011

10 films

This has been one of those years where I didn't get a chance to see a lot of the celebrated…

  • The Fighter
  • True Grit
  • Winter's Bone
  • Black Swan
  • The Social Network

Best Films of 2010

12 films

As usual this is a highly selective list since I can't get out and see all the films that I…

  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Gomorrah
  • Avatar
  • District 9
  • The Cove

Best Films of 2009

10 films

I didn’t go home during the break this year so I guess I missed out on seeing a lot of…