Love Hard

Love Hard ★★½

I truly believe that this Rom-Com was written by A.I. and that just like Nina Dobrev's character Natalie, I too have been catfished but instead of the charming Jimmy O. Yang pulling the stunt it's a cackling production assistant feeding every Rom-Com script ever made into a hungry super computer. Everything you think would happen in a movie like this does. All those old cliché jokes from Christmas/comedy/romance/Richard Curtis films are present and accounted for. Sure some things are switched up, instead of the gay friend with good advice and sex jokes we get a gay boss with dubious advice and a grandma with sex jokes and in place of one person hilariously failing to win over their crush we have two people screwing things up.

The funny thing is.....I didn't hate it. Actually I kinda liked it. Sure, it vacillates between cringe worthy cliché jokes and actually well done comedy quite wildly and yes, I knew exactly what was going to happen every step of the way as all plot points are telegraphed with total disregard for thematic tension but the central romance between Natalie and Josh (Yang) was generally pretty sweet and their comedic chemistry comes through quite well.

Frankly what it comes down to is I liked Dobrev and Yang together and even when half the shit they say is pretty dumb they do such a good sell job on it that it comes off mostly charming and sweet. Sometimes it's better to have your Rom-Com characters be charming try-hards with suspect dialogue than cringy dirt bags with clever and witty dialogue.

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