Days of Being Wild

Days of Being Wild ★★★★★

“ I’ve heard there’s a kind of bird with no legs. All it can do is fly and fly. And when it gets tired it sleeps on the wind. This bird can only land once in its whole life.”

Nothing describes better the series of beautiful films that Wong Kar-wai has made than this piece of poetic philosophy. When you, I or anybody experience the sheer magic of these works and then take a moment to understand what it has all been about, the result of a careful observance would be the enlightenment of the flightless bird.

We are all flightless birds who go through the motions of life waiting all the while for the indescribable enigma of the elusive true love to elevate us and transcend our lives to the next and the highest form of happiness. Some of us are gifted with talents which later become a career and a better route to earn a living thereby lessening the tedious monotony of the wait until the occurrence of the transcendence. The above mentioned kind think they it is gift that they get to do what they love and get paid for it but never realize that when they find love of their lives, their feelings might get repressed or mired by their unachieved aspirations which may never allow them to shower love on that yearning special person the same way, may never be willing to spend as much time with them or care for them the way a man who is not enamoured by what he does for a living but has stuck with it for the sake of the comfortable life it provides could. But a man who isn’t particularly impressed with his job, does not possess any talents, has lead a dull life throughout also always comes with the possibility of never being able to realize the value of a true love. He might find it with a person and god willing might realize it but then can also look back at his own life, compare it with his friends, become depressed and in turn lose the precious days, months and years that he has been gifted with love. So now what is the true gift and who is the ever flying bird? One of the evident answers from the above analysis must be the combination of both traits with the best qualities ingrained. It is the same question the Wong achieves to ask us all through his informal series of films Days of Being Wild, In the Mood of Love and 2046 and it is one that not many would have an answer for.

Some may be way too absorbed with their lives to think about it, some may think such questions are useless, pretentious philosophical pricks. But there are some whose faces light up when they are faced with this very question. They are those special breed of people who have had with them the answer for this riddle, all through their lives. This kind would respond that it is they who are the ever flying birds. It is they who are content with their lives, gifted with equanimity when it comes to emotions and facing the loss of a loved one, need nothing more than what they have, have desires, but also possess the art of taking it in their stride when they are disappointed, have like the rest of us past memories which hurt but have learned to take all every hurtful memory as a life experience and never be always stuck in the dark hole, the lonely oblivion of the past, be competitive but neither jealous nor sore when confronted with defeat, have the hunger to achieve more but are always aware of the curbs that they have set for themselves, that I from my experience of 23 earthly years term as ever flying birds. It is those people who live each moment of their lives in present, happily that are the ever flying birds. It is always the spotless mind that can and would prosper in the glorious eternal sunshine of happiness.

It is a difficult art to master. How soon this question becomes pertinent and meaningful to a person and how soon one finds that everyone of us were once ever flying birds during childhood but then have lost or forgotten the knack of being that way with time is how soon we would be embraced by eternal sunshine. Every passing moment we think we are progressing through the rungs but all we do is lose the identity, the paradigm of ideal happiness of a child by shovelling upon us layers of disappointment, repressions, unconquered desires, and unachieved goals. How ironical that the happiest we ever were during our lives were during our most powerless days and also how cruel it is that we were not able to realize any of it while it happened and that only through maturity and reflection we come to know off all this. Is it a challenge from God or was there a reason behind this design, nobody knows. But what matters is how soon one finds out that he or she has always the ever flying bird and just that they did not realize it until now, or have been paying attention to all the wrong desires, people and unimportant things like money and other materialistic possessions is how soon one will become the happiest person on earth. If this makes sense to everyone on earth then there will be no purport or reason in the above used superlative as we will all be equally happy.

We will all then be ever flying birds.

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