Castaway on the Moon ★★★★★

I have always longed for a primitive kind of living, where money is irrelevant and I happen to live with nature, close to it, kissing it, lying in its arms and having all the time in the world to live in my own world, create my own needs instead of buying them, living without the pressure of work, money, heart breaks from relationships and, the most excruciating, the death of beloved ones, of a normal worldly life. I know that living in the wild would not be easy but there atleast I can live and die my own life however long or short it may be. All the pain that would come to me would be because of my decision and I would gladly accept that instead of being constantly being caught unaware of people's connivances and hatred. Rather than being a prey of other people's selfishness I would prefer to be the prey of my own selfishness by living alone In the Wild.

My rambling above was just to show much I felt connected to the film and the two characters in it.

The Male Kim is a man who is afraid of the world. Afraid of being relentlessly incapacitated by his unending debts. The man cannot float in still water of five feet. His fear of water is the same way he fears the terribly ruffled life in the sprawling city. His reason of landing on the island is so genuine and so realistic that it could happen to anyone who has no other person to support or console. His story is not only a tale of survival, but also a gripping tale of a man reinventing himself and making himself better equipped to become well suited to face the storm out there. This is a wondrous tale of a man who hates himself, only to realise how self sufficient, effecient and imaginative he can be. Necessity is the Mother of all invention. Here, Necessity becomes the Mother for a person to reevaluate, discover and love himself. Both Nature and Necessity teach him to love the simplest of achievements, pleasures, unexpected gifts and the importance of sharing a meaningful relationship with a human being. It is a life changing experiemce for him. It was his enlightment.

The Female Kim is a girl who is terribly shy, petrified and pretty much a self made outcast. I sensed a severe inferiority complex in her which is the reason of her being disconnected with the all people and her family and finding solace in a social networking world. She finds consolation in living alone, taking care of her needs, doing what she loves and constantly and inadvertantly feeding herself of other people's loneliness. Her life changes when she meets the Male Kim.

Not only are their names identical but the world has somehow forged their characters to be identical. And it is a beautiful way to set up their meeting. They would not have met each other had it not been for their lifestyles, had it not been for their travails and disparate characters. They eventually find the silver lining. The best gift of their lives.

When this film started I felt that it would be another tedious survival tale. But how well it beautifully blended itself into being one of the best, unique and sweetest love stories ever is just beyond me. The way it slowly transforms and shifts its intent without the viewer noticing was something to be greatly appreciated. There are several incredibly imaginative sequences, camera work and dialogue which make the film brimming with freshness and have a rejuvenating effect on the viewer. It was very early in the film when I realised that I was in for something truly special and unique. This film is solid proof of the power of human imagination and how simple but unexplored ideas alone can make for a great film.

This film made me cry, laugh, smile, feel incredibly happy and satisfied. It is in my opinion very difficult for a film to tug all the above emotions effectively and if some thing does then I consider it a masterpiece instantly. This is certainly that. I was so delicately but proficiently drawn into falling in love with these wonderfully portrayed characters. This is simplistic, ingenious, heart touching and poetic film making at its best.

PS, I would never, ever again find my food to be distasteful. This film taught me to incorporate hope with food which is the secret of it tasting like heavenly elixir.

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