Silenced ★★★★★

There is a simple sign language to greet the current law system.

Raise both your hands to the level of your shoulders with both the palms facing upwards. Now make a clenched fist in both the hands. Grind your teeth and let the anger broil inside you, to the extent of evanescing your benign law abiding self. Now this is the most important part. From the tightly clenched fist raise both the middle fingers and show it to the lady who is blind folded, to the balance scale she holds and to the substance which feeds her and makes her scale tip to such deplorable depths, money.

This film had me enraged, touched my heart, made me shed tears at the terrible plight, had me stunned with astonishing performances and reinstated my faithlessness in the world's laws, whilst simultaneously leaving me stranded on whether to be happy regarding the Goodness of the Human Condition or be devastated by its wretchedness. It is such an important piece of cinema whose significance cannot be described by words. It caused a national uproar in Korea and brought about a change in their ordinance. Everyone MUST see this. This true story deserves to be witnessed.

PS, I do not know whether I believe in God or not. But I sure am a believer in Fate, Karma and Conscience. To all those people who think they can get away unscathed after committing such savagery I can determinately and faithfully say,

"Justice is coming to all of us. No matter what the Fuck we do."

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