Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

Hakuna Matata

Remember those incredibly philosophical yet simple words from The Lion King? This movie is a cinematic projection of it.

Watching this was an amazing experience. I was astounded by the thought of how a film could be made to seem so simple and care free and convey us such a lot of life lessons. Then I realized, all the truths are indeed simple and it is we humans who complicate it.

How many of us would have really given thought about the reason why the moment we live in is termed The Present? Why was it given that name? Who is this present from? We do not know when our lives would end. We do not know whether our souls disappear or be given rebirth. So why do not we make this life count? This is the theme explored by the movie and it does it in such a nonchalant way that it risks its underlying morals to going unnoticed.

On the outside this might seem like a simple road trip movie, but when observed closely, it is a plethora of ideas of how to lead a life, love it, make it unforgettable, and make it matter to others by touching their hearts. The movie is shot in such a modest manner that sometimes it got the feeling of seeing a documentary. The dialogues, performances and the cinematography had an incredible amount of realism. Nothing that I saw on the screen seemed contrived. A good part of the credit has to go the cast because it is they who gave the audience the impression of a life-like experience. And of course the majority to the director who created and made them a part of film reality.

I would like to recollect a character in the movie called Lady Martina. She is said to remember all the days of her life from the age of five. I can barely remember what happened this day last week. Why does this happen? It is because we make our lives so insignificant. What Martina had was not a gift. It was told to make us realize that it is possible for each and every one of us to remember every day of our life, if and only if we live it to the fullest. It is not magic, that years may pass by but we never forget the moments which gave us a lot of happiness. If not fully, we at least would have a hazy fragment of it inside us forever. And that will never go no matter what. The only thing that is stopping us from living our lives the way we want is nothing or no one other than ourselves. Some people might refute this, argue with this, but those are the people who refuse to clear the mess and analyze what is actually going on. It might be due to a whole lot of varied reasons like, compulsions, indolence, financial instabilities, lost loves, lack of courage to jump into action, not seizing the opportunity etc. But unknowingly, in the end we must accept the fact that we are the reason for the kind of live we lead. Most people do not realize the value of the things they have in their life and tend to waste it by wanting more. They are so lost in contemplating about the future they never appreciate the wonderful life they have in their hands. The inability to realize the preciousness of what we have can be cured only by self- introspection and not by any external person or force.

“Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea”

This is a quote from the movie. It so beautifully captures the entire essence of it. No one knows what life has in stall for us. Life is the greatest adventure of all. Like in surfing we never know what is coming to us. So why not enjoy the thrill of it, savour it, make it unforgettable until the waves last? Why not take it one day at a time and give it our best?

The whole idea of worrying about the future is flawed. Being cynical about the future is not a bad ploy. It makes a person be better prepared than an optimistic one. But what is the point of worrying about the future? Instead make use of time that is spent in worrying to do something which can or might alter the future. Pain will invariably hit everyone at some point in their lives. Grief is an essential emotion but even that has its limitations. We must learn the trick of making it subside by covering it with the gleams of happiness provided by the people who are still with us and want us to be happy. The only thing to be done is to never be stuck in the past and be always aware of the present.

The movie was honestly a splendid cinematic experience and entertainment as well as a chance to reflect upon my own life. By observing the lives of the characters in it, I had a chance to evaluate mine. How happy have I been until now? Is this the best I could have done? Couldn’t have I been happier than this? Couldn’t I have made others happier? It is a simple investigation that was instigated within me after I finished watching the movie. It inspired me to lead a much happier and life. This was in all the senses, truly, a coming-of- age story for the characters on screen as well as for the audience who watch it.

P.S. I Just loved the way of Charolastra. I am going to try to imbibe a few of, if not the whole of “The Charolastran Ten Commandments” in my life, accept the way it is and live it the “Hakuna Matata” style. Btw, I felt the Charolastran rules are cooler than the rules of the Fight Club!!

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