Favorite films

  • Daughters of Darkness
  • Wishing Stairs
  • The House That Screamed
  • Fascination

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  • Bright Star


  • Enola Holmes 2

  • Paradise Hills


  • Beauty and the Beast


Recent reviews

  • Earwig



    Like glass and ice - translucent, fragile, reflective, sharp around the edges. Tastes like blood in my mouth.

  • Nope



    I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, So I can
    Watch you weave then breathe your story lines
    And I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, So I can
    Keep track of the visions in my eyes

Popular reviews

  • Bandits



    One of those films that would have been 100% improved by letting it be gay. Still a wild ride.

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    The good christian white heterosexual American nuclear family under attack by the unnatural witch woman who doesn't use her female fertile womanliness to procreate and nurture in gods will...yeah no thanks.
    Also this ghosthunter couple is so unnerving i hate looking at them it's just like their skin is too tight over their bones or something.