I'm a 20-year-old student who really likes movies! I'm trying to keep track of what I watch and see what other cool people enjoy watching :-)

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  • The Hitch-Hiker

    The Hitch-Hiker


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    FSDO Week 18
    Auteur - Ida Lupino

    I was amazed at how smart and thoughtfully developed "The Hitch-Hiker" was. It was a perfectly paced film that keeps the viewer feeling tense for its entire duration. I'm glad they didn't try to lengthen the run-time with pointless dialogue because I think that would have weakened the powerful suspense of this story. Having the two story-lines of the police investigation and the crime happening at. the same time added a lot to…

  • Carmen Jones

    Carmen Jones


    FSDO Week 17
    Actor - Dorothy Dandridge

    While I enjoyed this movie, it often struggled to hold my interest. However, the scenes with Dorothy Dandridge always commanded my attention. She was amazing on screen, and her titular character Carmen Jones was so fun, and at times tragic, to behold. Despite how much I loved her performance, I didn't think this was an amazing movie. The fact that I know nothing about the source material could have to do with why…

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  • Nosferatu



    This was my first movie for film school dropout 2020 and I am so excited! This is possibly my favorite silent film I have ever seen. It was more exciting than most that I have seen, and I was entertained throughout the entire film. The way it builds suspense is incredible, and the plot was not too basic or predictable. Max Schreck's portrayal of Nosferatu is unparalleled and genuinely creepy. Overall this was a worthy first watch of the new decade!

  • Babes on Broadway

    Babes on Broadway


    FSDO 2020 Week 05
    Genre - Musical - Backstage Musical
    I am very late with this review, but I honestly do not have a whole lot to say about this movie. I enjoyed it, and I loved Judy Garland. I haven't seen a performance of hers other than Wizard of Oz. It was a cute, lighthearted movie without a whole lot of substance. I appreciated it for this fun watch, but that enjoyment was largely reduced when the ending not only did not accomplish much but also was a long and elaborate blackface scene. Yikes.